Water Demand, Efficiency and Security

CREH staff have contributed to, and led, water demand and related investigations for the majority of large UK water companies.  Where the work has had a strong demographic component we have worked in partnership with Edge Analytics – The specialists in demographic modelling, or with Thomas Mackay Ltd.

Analyses Undertaken to Date

  1. Alternative approaches to demand forecasting

Population accounting, household size forecasting (delivered to multiple companies)

Hidden and transient water demand (delivered to multiple companies)

Bias quantification in domestic consumption monitors (delivered to multiple companies)

Quality assurance of internal demand investigations

Review of demand components

Determination of ethnic demand (delivered to multiple companies)

SWOT analysis of universal metering

Cost-benefit analysis of universal metering

DCM fit to regional metrics

Debt and deprivation

Economic benefits of water company investment

Regional benefit of utility investment (gas, electricity, multiple water)

Water balance reconciliation


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