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Laboratory Services

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Our UKAS accredited laboratory in Leeds was established in 1999. (See image below left for our current accreditation schedule)

We specialise in faecal indicator analysis and pathogens of interest to the water community, such as Cryptosporidium spp.

A particular specialism is the manufacture,  environmental deployment and subsequent analysis of multiple microbial tracer systems to quantify time of travel and dilution in catchment and near-shore systems.

The laboratory team provide analytical capacity to the CREH field teams and other science clients in the water industry, the food and pharmaceutical  sectors and the food, and water regulators. We also have mobile lab facilities for remote field locations.

We also offer training at our facility in Leeds or at client’s premises.

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The Laboratory Team

John Watkins is Technical Advisor to the Laboratory. He has chaired the UK SCA group which has recently revised the EA Blue Book on microbiological analysis of environmental waters.
Carol Francis manages the laboratory and it’s quality systems and has the principal liaison role with UKAS, Carol previously worked with John in the Water industry.
Cheryl Davies brings a wealth of international science delivery experience of research project design on drinking and environmental waters.